The Lirc project fully supports the imon device, however there are patches available for e. But these arrow keys on the remote do not trigger IRW to show anything. If the packages existed in the repositories, we should be able to just give apt-get instructions like we need to for Jaunty, using the syntax: Partners Support Community Ubuntu. You may want to take a look at Volume Knob on Antec Fusion to see how to make the click wheel to work. Once you get the display working with the LCDd server running in the foreground, the attached script will run the LCDd server in the background when you boot up your computer. There are two areas, one for driving the display and one to use with the remote control.

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Regardless, this version does not include the direction pad functionality.

Linux Drivers for Soundgraph iMON USB IR/VFD Devices

I don’t like this at all Driver vvd init failed, return code -1 Module linux Ubuntu Edit imonlcd: However, if the power is shut off with the rear switch on the power supply or during a power interruption, I need to go through the initiation procedure again. January 15th, 5. If there is still nothing on the display please try this: Several patches were available, but they can be depended on LIRC version and kernel version:.


It really does work though Once you get the display working with the LCDd server running in the foreground, the attached script will run the LCDd server in impn background when you boot up your computer. The Linux driver accepts both of them but ,inux the first one by default.

So, there is no any problem to install its driver under Linux.

Configuration for the Antec Fusion Black Knob: Originally Posted by redtop You have an mix old and new config, The new one must look like: Remove the linix message when powered off When the LCDproc process is killed at system shutdown, it puts up a “goodbye” message on the VFD. Don’t worry about it! You should be able to see your IDs in the output of the command ‘lsusb’.

The LCDd server can be stopped, started or restarted in the usual way by bringing up a terminal and entering either: Several patches exist, started this page. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.


iMON PAD, MINI, VFD, LCD, Touch, etc.

Page History Login to edit. January 16th, 7. This points lirc in the correct direction for the devide as well as preventing the kernel modules from loading and preventing lirc access.

Join Date Dec Beans 4. It works for me with the Soundgraph Remote too. I lknux think it’s the same driver as iMon. Results 1 to 10 of Credits Many many many people have contributed to this guide: I hope anyone understand, what I am trying to say.

Imon – MythTV Official Wiki

Download the lcdproc code and required patch: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Incomplete, needs to be expanded. LCDd [ -hf] [ -c config] linhx -d driver] [ -i bool] [ -a addr] [ -p port] [ -u user] [ -w time] [ -r level] [ -s bool].

Recompile and install, and you’re good to go. Hopp, es meg Linux driver is van hozza: