See the Multi-GXM support page for further details. List of Supported Resolutions Matrox TripleHead2Go supports a wide range of resolutions in dual and triple-monitor modes, to access all modes Matrox PowerDesk must be installed on the system. Windows support coming soon. The higher the resolution is the less adjustable pixel space you have. I use it for running multiple projectors from an iMac for surface mapping.

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Matrox triplehead2go advantage of increased desktop space when using CAD software. Painless Installation Quick and easy to install; there’s no need to open the computer case or insert components. I had the Digital SE edition and that one is awesome too but I wanted matrox triplehead2go be able to make ft cable runs.

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Matrox TripleHead2Go Analog Edition

matrox triplehead2go See the Multi-GXM support page for further details. Notebook users can get even more out of the TripleHead. Which GXM is right for your Mac?

TripleHead2Go units can be used to improve and simplify digital signage applications such as digital menu boards, terminal and concourse information displays, shopping mall kiosks, and ambience-enhancing installations—to name a few. List of Supported Resolutions Matrox TripleHead2Go supports a matrox triplehead2go range of resolutions in dual and matrox triplehead2go modes, to access all modes Matrox PowerDesk must be installed on the system.


Matrox TripleHead2Go DisplayPort | Multi-Monitors for Laptops

This website uses cookies to assist with navigation. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Use the extra screen space to spread applications across your desktop, much like matrox triplehead2go would spread printed documents across your desk. See any errors on this page? Connect two TripleHead2Go units to create a cost-effective, six-screen ,atrox.

That was long time ago and its reign was shortlived as nVidia soon released its GeForce card. matrox triplehead2go

TripleHead2Go DP Edition

Easily install Matrox PowerDesk across many systems without any user interaction —a must-have tool matrox triplehead2go any IT administrator for corporation-wide deployments. All displays attached to TripleHead2Go must run at the same resolution.

You can use this tool to control your cookie settings. While it may be physically possible to place your laptop monitor between the external monitors instead of off to the left or the right matrox triplehead2go them, it is not recommended to do so, as your virtual desktop won’t have the same configuration triplehrad2go your physical one. With this, there is miniscule yet noticeable lag, and because of this, Matrox triplehead2go use that monitor for static information like Outlook.

This allows you to take it matrox triplehead2go your notebook goes, giving you the ability to take advantage of triple-monitor mtrox wherever you have access to them.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Aaron matrox triplehead2go Great Product I use these to feed widescreen graphics at x or x for blended widescreen application in live events. TripleHead2Go tripleehad2go with your system’s existing graphics card, matrox triplehead2go the graphics card is still responsible for all 2D, 3D and video rendering. Fast forward to today.


Either spread one application across your entire desktop or devote one display to each. The release of its TripleHead2Go, marks something matrox triplehead2go a return for Matrox to the high-end gaming market, at least indirectly. I also feed matrix x monitors with one, and it works well.

Many popular games support this configuration. In this manner, TripleHead2Go effectively lets you drive three separate monitors from a single video output. Windows system and GXM software suite 2. TripleHead2Go Matrox triplehead2go Edition and DP Edition provide Bezel Management by shifting the images from the left and right panels so that some of the data is effectively dropped behind the bezels.

Which GXM is right for your Matrox triplehead2go

That matrox triplehead2go, if you have three, side by side by side. Is there a list of compatible graphics cards.